Air Lock Valve ZNCN / 5152
Set point : Can be continuously adjustable between 3 to 7 bar
Duty Cycle : Continuous
Body material : Aluminum or Brass
Application : To achieve the stay put condition in case of air supply failure
Technical Data:
Port size : G1/4 or G3/8
Operating pressure : 3 - 7 bar
Operating Temperature : +50C to + 800C
Model No
ZNCN/5152/3/A G3/8 Valve with Aluminum body
ZNCN/5152/2/A G1/4 Valve with Aluminum body
ZNCN/5152/2/B G1/4 Valve with Brass body
ZNCN/5152/3/B G 3/8 Valve with Brass body
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