Design and Development

Every process in the company, from air equipment design and pneumatic solutions design to production and service, from marketing to invoicing, is a process in the value chain. Our professional resources and quality technology solutions turn technical challenges into technical triumphs. Our large and modern workshops are equipped with a full range of the latest machine tools and boast of highly skilled work force.

At NUCON, every product follows a strict and complete procedure and standard from research, design, prototype, component selection, test production, mass production, to quality control.

The qualifications and expertise of our engineering and design staff is at par with best in industry. Our sales engineers have been well trained in technologies directly relevant to the pneumatic industry. In addition, we have in-house specialist design engineers to deliver the best possible results to our customers.

Our experienced management team sets clear goals and objectives for excellent performance of all processes in the company. A full service engineering and design team complements our in-house manufacturing capabilities.

In addition to two dimensional air equipment design services, we also offer solid modeling and analysis services utilizing state-of-the-art CAE and CAD tools. We have state-of-the-art computer design facility. With these design capabilities, NUCON is able to provide original product design documents and we can adapt designs as directed by our customer's. Superior visualization inherent with solid models, enhances our project team's ability to achieve superior product definition prior to manufacturing, which sort of eliminates post-manufacturing changes and rework. Virtual design and analysis provide a cost-effective approach to prototype and product development.