Silencer ZN / SB
Technical Data:
Operating Pressure : 10 bar
Operating Temperature : 0oC to + 80oC
Material of construction : Sintered Bronze

The Nucon range of ZN/SB Sintered Bronze Heavy Duty Silencers have been designed to reduce noise levels in accordance with those specified in the Department, U.K Code for reducing the exposure of employed person to noise. They are of robust all metal(Powder metallurgy) construction and are unaffected by extremes of temperature. Manufactured for long maintenance free life. They are designed to reduce clogging and consequent deterioration of their low back pressure characteristics. The threads are male and can easily be screwed into the exhaust port of a pneumatic valve or the piece of equipment. Exhaust noise levels are reduced to below 90 dB (A) and comply with department of environment's requirements.

Standard Models
Type Descriptions T D d A L
ZN/SB1 G1/8 Silencer G1/8 10.0 7.5 6.0 24.0
ASZN/SB2 G1/4 Silencer G1/4 13.5 10.0 6.5 27.0
ZN/SB3 G3/8 Silencer G3/8 19.8 15.0 11.5 43.0
ZN/SB4 G1/2 Silencer G1/2 23.5 17.0 10.5 50.5
ZN/SB6 G3/4 Silencer G3/4 29.5 20 12.0 64.0
ZN/SB8 G1 Silencer G1 38.0 30 15.5 64.0