3/2 Electrically Actuated Valve
ZNCN / 5442
Ub-base mounted
Normally closed
Port Size : G1/4
Operating Pressure : 0 to 10 bar
Orifice : 2 mm
Operating Temperature : + 50 oC max
Teminal box : 3 pin Plug to IP 65
Protection classification : IP65, I.E.C.144, BS 5420 and I.E.C.529, BS 5490
Insulation Class : 'F' to IEC 3A
Soleniod unit is encapsulated

The ZNCN/5022 is a universal solenoid valves designed to meet all general requirements. This can be employed as seperate 3/2 solenoid units directly controlling small cylinders or acting as pilot relay valves for pressure operated vavles with a larger flow capacity. They are also used as solenoid pilots directly mounted on a variety of directional control valves.

Standard Models
Standard Coil Voltage Codes
AC Voltage DC Code
- 24V 10
110V - 131
220V - 137